Travel + Leisure voted Albuquerque as the 5th quirkiest city in the USA. That’s an accolade, not an insult. As far as we at AT&SF are concerned, kookiness is part of Albuquerque’s appeal. We decided the best way to highlight the uniqueness of ABQ was to create the Albu-Quirky Downtown Weird Walk.

Throughout its long and storied history, Albuquerque and its citizens have marched to a different beat. What some might consider lowlights are highlights to us, and this tour will showcase it all. Albu-Quirky Downtown Weird Walk features the outlandish personalities, bizarre crimes and odd events that shaped the Duke City's oddball character. You’ll be surrounded by historic buildings, public art, a giant Adirondack chair and film sites (including The Avengers, Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul).

We’re proud of our quirky character, and we hope you’ll find it as charming as we do. We also hope that you never look at Albuquerque’s downtown the same way again!